Embryology Course

Gamete Handling Hands on Course Curriculum: 3 days

  • Introduction to the Course and Pre evaluation
  • Lab setup: Important factors to consider
  • Incubator Management
  • Choice of culture media and strategies: advantages and potential risks
  • Hands on Ovum pick up screening
  • Hands on Sperm Preparation
  • Oocyte Quality: Clinical parameters that affect it and what to do about it
  • Ejaculate to Testicular Sperm: What can go wrong and what to do about it
  • Assessment of Embryo Morphology
  • Hands on Dish preparation
  • Hands on Sperm Diagnostics
  • When to do Day 3 and When to opt for Blastocyst Transfer
  • How many Embryos to Transfer? Factors to consider?
  • Hands on Bead handling and introduction to verification
  • Discussion: Strategies for using the available techniques and technologies
  • Post Evaluation and Feedbacks
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