The Enigma of Fertilization (Online Course) 30 Sep: 6-8 PM (IST) 1 Oct: 6-8 PM (IST) 2 Oct: 5-8 PM (IST)

Course Fee

META Members: INR 1770 (inclusive GST)
Non Members: INR 2360 (inclusive GST)

Course Topics

  • Day 1: The Fertilisation enigma: how sperms and eggs fuse
  • Day 2 : Factors affecting fertilisation in IVF and ICSI
  • Day 3 : Abnormal Fertilisation - One PN and 3 PNs
  • Day 3 : Solving Poor and Failed Fertilisation.

Course Description

Fertilisation is a multistep process that culminates in the fusion of sperm and egg, thus marking the beginning of life. The molecular mechanisms that regulate this singular event, particularly sperm–egg fusion, have remained mysterious for many decades. Through this course, we will learn about the biology behind fertilisation, the factors that can determine Fertilisation in the Laboratory and also understand poor and abnormal fertilisation and what to do when we face such situations. This course is intended for Embryologists, Scientists, IVF clinicians and even medical students wanting to understand the enigma that is fertilisation.

Course Faculty

Dr Keshav Malhotra
Director META Co Chair Embryology ASPIRE SIG Second Vice Chair Embryology ISAR
Dr. Kenji Ezoe (Japan)
Senior Scientist R & D Division, Kato Ladies Clinic
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