Improving Endometrium Embryo Cross Talk (Online Training Only, No Recordings) | Date: 24th - 26th July

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Biology and Physiology of Endometrial Receptivity.
  • Diagnostic Modalities.
  • Clinical Interventions for Improving Cross Talk.
  • Embryological Interventions for Improving Cross Talk.

Course Faculty

Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
Dr. Deepak Modi
Dr. Keshav Malhotra

Scientific Highlights

Understand the Biology and Physiology of Endometrial Receptivity

  • Endometrium the Well Guarded Fortress.
  • The Receptors & How they Control Implantation.
  • Modifications of Luminal Epithelium by the Endometrium.
  • Embryonic Extra Cellular Vesicles & Micro RNA's.
  • Adhesion of Embryo to the Luminal Epithelium.

Diagnostics and Clinical interventions

  • Role of Ultrasound.
  • Role of Hysteroscopy.
  • Role of Endometrial Receptivity Assay.
  • Effect of Stimulation of Receptivity.
  • Role of Endometrial Scratch.
  • Role of Endometrial Preparation.
  • Fresh vs Frozen Transfers.
  • Role of PRP.
  • Role of GCSF.
  • Natural Cycle Transfer.

Embryological Parameters

  • Physiology of Hatching.
  • Role of Trophectoderm Cells.
  • Interventions to Improve Implantation.
  • Day 3 vs Day 5.
  • Role of Assisted Hatching.
  • Role of GM Csf Media.
  • Role of Hyaluronan Rich Media.
  • PGT and Implantation Rates.
  • Timelapse and Known Implantation Data Scoring(KIDS Score).

Course Fee

Rs. 3500 (Inclusive of GST)
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