Embryo Selection (Online)

Course Description

Embryo selection is the most Important Determinant of an IVF cycle. Choosing the right embryo is of paramount importance when aiming for a successful live birth. This module will help the participant gain knowledge about the various aspects of embryo selection and will help them improve their current practices.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to the Course and Pre evaluation
  • Morphological Embryo Selection
  • Problems with conventional Morphology
  • TIme lapse monitoring of Embryos
  • Pre implantation genetic testing of embryos
  • Oocyte factors affecting outcomes
  • Sperm Factors affecting outcomes
  • How to offer Single embryo transfer
  • Improving implantation rates
  • New technologies for improving embryo selection
  • Post evaluation

Course Fee

Rs. 3500/- (Inclusive 18% GST)
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