Vitrification Basics (Online)

Course Description

As far as Vitrification is concerned, there is a huge demand for it owing to improvement in results, improving patient safety and also reducing the number of embryos that are transferred. This course is intended for Clinicians and junior embryologists who have established Ivf practices and want to understand some of the intricacies of the vitrification needed to run a successful cryopreservation program. The objectives of this workshop are to impart a basic knowledge of vitrification to the participants in order for them to make informed, evidence based decisions about it in everyday practice.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to the Course and Pre evaluation
  • Lab setup for vitrification: Important factors to consider
  • Vitrification medias: strategies: advantages and potential risks
  • Indications for vitrification
  • Technical aspects of Vitrification
  • Vitrification of embryos Online demonstration
  • What to freeze and why ? How many Embryos to freeze? Factors to consider?
  • Thawing and Warming
  • Discussion: Quality Control in Vitrification
  • Post Evaluation and Feedbacks
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