Embryo Biopsy (Hands On)

Course Duration

4 days

Course Description

This course is designed for ICSI practitioners who want to learn embryo biopsy skills and understand the nuances of Preimplantation genetic testing. The course will impart knowledge about the methods for biopsy and cell tubing, including pipettes, media and equipment will be discussed.  Hands-on sessions will allow participants to practice biopsy of trophectoderm cells and preparing them for analysis using mouse embryos.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to PGT
  • Lab Setup for PGT
  • Demonstration of Medias and consumables: Discussion
  • Day 3 vs Day 5 Embryo biopsy
  • Demonstration
  • Technical aspects of Embryo Biopsy
  • Hands on Day 3 and Day 5 Biopsy
  • Tubing
  • Hands on Tubing
  • Introduction to genomics
  • Alternatives to PGT
  • Post Evaluation and Feedback
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